01) The Mill is under operating in strict confirm to
        ISO 9001-2000, certs issued by CQM & IQnet.
        The entire process is controllable and traceable
        (Please click the logos on the left side to download the  ISO certs)
02) All the export products are produced in conform to ASTM & ASME standards:

03) Steel making: Electro-arc furnace plus AOD refinery with molten steel inspected
        acc. to ASTM A761
04) Billets go through:
    a) Macrotech test according to ASTM E381
    b) Inclusion content of steel test according to ASTM E 45
    c) Average grain size test in conform to ASTM E112
    d) Determination of volume fraction in conform to ASTM E562
05) Finished products shall go through:
    a) Sampling tests on randomly basis by annealing furnace and batch No.
    b) Tension test according to ASTM A370 & ASTM E21
    c) Technical test including flaring & flattering tests
    d) Hardness test: ASTM E10 & ASTM E18
    e) Corrosion test: IGC test acc. to ASTM A262, Huey test, pitting & crevice corrosion test acc.
           to ASTM G48 under oxidizing chloride environment.
    f) Hydro pressure test, Eddy current test acc. to ASTM E426; Ultrasonic test acc. to ASTM E213
06) Inspection facilities: