Complex Building
Overview of Mill
EF-AOD Steel Making
Peeled Bars
Hot Piercing
Drawing Moulds
Cold Drwaing Mill
Cold Pilger Mill

01) 25 Tonnes-Electronic Arc Furnace plus AOD Refinery
02) Molten Steel into Mould Cooling Into Ingots
03) Ingots after Hot Rolling Process Into Round Bars
04) To peel the Bars to Remove Oxalates to make the surface smooth
05) Calculation and then Cutting of Round Bars
06) To Mark the Centering Points of Bars
07) To Heat the Bars under Temperature of 1150 degrees
08) To Drill the Heated Bars
09) Rapid Cooling Under Water Under Room Temperature
10) Annealing to Improve Microstructure, to Refine Grain sizes, to Modify Physical Prosperities,
       to Improve Machinability and to Make C Combined with Nickel to Avoid IGC Corrosion.
11) Pickling of Hollow Bars to Remove Surface Oxalate Residuals
12) Inspection on Hollow Bars
13) Lubrication of Hollow Bars to Make Surface Smooth
14) Cold Drawing plus Cold Pilgering
15) Pickling to Remove Oil and to Remove Surface Oxalate Residuals
16) Annealing & Solution of Pipes and Tubes
17) Straightening of Pipes
and Tubes
18) Cutting
19) Pickling & Passivation
20) Inspection at Final Stage:
      a) Hydro Testing
      b) ET Testing
      c) UT Testing
      d) Mechanical, Technical & Hardness Test
21) Stenciling
22) Packing
23) Delivery